Gaining Buy-In

Gaining and sustaining buy-in from across your institution is critical to support your mission to increase student success. This activity helps you and your team reflect on a set of research backed buy-in strategies, and explore new ways to implement them at your institution.

  • Suggested time: 45-60 mins
  • Materials: Pens, worksheets, whiteboard or large sheet of paper
  • When to use: When you or your team needs buy-in to move forward with a student success initiative


  • Print out the Buy-in Reflection and Group Discussion worksheets for each member of your team, or recreate the categories on a whiteboard or large sheet of paper.

  • Pass out the reflection worksheet and give your team 10 minutes to individually reflect on how they think your institution is doing in regards to the six buy-in strategies.

  • After you and your team have completed your individual reflections, take 30 minutes to discuss the reflections as a group. The goal is to reach consensus about a rating for each strategy, and to narrow in on two strategies that you would like to prioritize.

  • After selecting your top two priorities, take 15 minutes to brainstorm what your team could be doing in this area, and create a plan to begin the process. For a deeper dive, the Team Brainstorm, Initiative Blueprint, and Planning Next Steps activities are great ideation and planning resources.


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