Using research and data to improve student success at Delaware State University


How might we use research and data to inform operational and strategic efforts to improve student success?


Seven-pronged effort: 

  • Partnered institutional research (IR) with faculty and academic leadership
  • Employed a cross-functional team together to provide different perspectives
  • Expanded the role of data at the university to beyond external reporting and compliance
  • Developed a framework to analyze data for a new initiative, I5O (e.g., what is the issue, information, insights, solution, implementation, and outcome)
  • Used predictive analytics to identify student re-enrollment behaviors
  • Leveraged data to address questions regarding student academic performance, enrollment, retention, housing, tuition waivers, and scholarships
  • Implemented data dashboards so campus leaders can better gauge student performance and progress


Now Enrollment Management and IR analyze pre-registration data and share progress through a dashboard that can be viewed by deans and the university’s president. In the last three years, the pre-registration rate has increased by 13%. The university can predict which students will re-enroll in any college or university with about 88% accuracy and 97% accuracy for those who will remain at Delaware State.

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