About this site

The Guide for Postsecondary Changemakers provides institutions and other collaborators with transformation related tools, methods, and resources. These have been developed by higher ed field stakeholders with support from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This site and its assets are stewarded by Humanitae Advisors.


The perspectives, definition, framework and ideas about institutional transformation on this site reflect research, collaborations, and investment over many years.

These past collaborations with institutions and intermediaries from across the United States are represented by three efforts that have additional resources for your reference below.

The first was with a set of nine community colleges called ‘Completion by Design’ and a subsequent effort involved 29 varied institutions and state systems called ‘The Frontier Set.’

The examples and scenarios from the institutions represented on this site are from the Frontier Set. They are a blend of two-year community colleges and four-year colleges and universities (2Y4Y). Additional research was done with Research 1 (R1) universities.

Most recently, an operational focus from mid-level institutional leaders is helping to enable equitable transformation through user-centered product development.

Mid-Level Leader Transformation Dev/Test


This project operationalizes several insights gained on mid-level leaders (MLLs) as key engines for equitable transformation. It pioneers equity-focused, user-centered product development, enabling mid-level leaders to co-create solutions to organizational challenges, transforming higher education institutions for equity-centered student success (ECSS).


The Frontier Set is a select group of high-performing, high-potential colleges, universities, state systems, and supporting organizations that are committed to eliminating race, ethnicity, and income as predictors of student success by transforming how they operate.


Completion by Design documents the transformation experiences, starting in 2011, of nine diverse two-year colleges that set out to remove barriers and increase student success and credential completion.