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Pathways refer to the institution’s ability to help students see a clear route to a meaningful credential (and a career) and then support students to keep them on that path to success.

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Credentialing Pathways

With faculty and staff support, institutions sequence learning objectives and assessments to create clear road maps of courses student need to take to complete a credential – credentialing pathways. These institution-wide, guided pathways help students progress from the point of entry through successful attainment of postsecondary credentials. 

Based on a collection of observed practices—specific to credentialing pathways—from some of the Frontier Set institutions, we’ve compiled some questions to consider for you and your team as prompts for discussion and inspiration.

Frontier Set Case Studies


Guided Pathways Resource Center

The Guided Pathways Resource Center is a website hosting tools, resources, and toolkits for postsecondary institutions looking to redesign the student experience and their own institutional operations in order to bring guided pathways to scale.