Enrolling more online students at Sam Houston State University


How might we get 5,000 online students by 2018?


Seven-pronged effort: 

  • Committed to the idea of no difference between degrees earned through online course delivery and degrees earned through traditional classroom courses
  • Brought in online education expert to lead digital learning capacity, first as a consultant, then as the full-time director
  • Improved staffing (70 online education professionals assisting 40 online programs)
  • Supported development of online classes through courseware designers, a 24/7 help desk, and online-proctoring technology
  • Leveraged revenue sharing and stipends to incent faculty to move courses online
  • Incentivized academic departments with 50% of fees from online courses
  • Offered $1,000 scholarships for completely online students


97% of all graduating students have taken at least one online course; 50% of students now take an online course.

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