Establishing a curriculum alignment process with partner colleges to improve transfer student preparedness at University of Central Florida


How might we improve alignment of curricula with partner institutions to make it easier for transfer students and to address any potential disparities in preparedness?


Established a curriculum alignment process with partner two-year colleges to address potential disparities and improve student preparedness for success in the next level of courses, including alignment of approximately 30 courses.


UCF and partner colleges have learned many lessons through the process of curriculum alignment including:

  • Ensuring a clear shared goal for the process to keep all parties focused
  • Agreeing on what successful alignment and measurement looks like
  • Using a neutral facilitator to remove risk of bias and ensure blame-free framing of issues
  • Involving advisors as well as faculty as they bring a student lens and bigger picture
  • Collecting and using data and evidence to focus discussions and measure impact where changes are needed
  • Keeping administration updated to ensure changes are implemented

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