Incentivizing leaders at the University of Central Florida through changes in compensation linked to shared targets


How might we adjust executive compensation and incentivization against performance goals?


In 2006, the UCF Board changed the compensation structure of the President, Provost, and all Vice Presidents from receiving a fixed to salary to aligning them around the same targets:

  • Approximately 14% of salary is tied to UCF performance against 6 measures laid out in the Performance Unit Plan:
    • 6-yr FTIC graduation rate
    • 1-yr FTIC retention rate
    • 4-yr AA transfer graduation rate
    • Average research grants per FTE tenured/tenure track faculty member
    • Total philanthropy to the Foundation and Athletics
    • Maintaining UCF’s top tier position in State performance funding rankings
  • These measures are set, weighted, and clearly tied to payouts made to executives on a 3-year rolling cycle, based on minimum, target, and maximum values for each measure


Linking compensation of university leaders, in part, to student success metrics is a widely-accepted management practice that is already contributing to improved performance outcomes at UCF.

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