Informing and tailoring student engagement programs and events at Arizona State University through a targeted mobile app


How might we better tailor programs and events for students by leveraging a mobile app and the demographic and behavioral data it can collect?


ASU introduced the SunDevil Counts app as a way for students to register and receive prizes for attending events. The app works in three simple steps: show up to an event, check-in on your smartphone, and then get rewarded with points for ASU merchandise or gift cards.


The introduction of the SunDevil Counts mobile app provided a new way for ASU to access and track student interest and involvement in specific campus organizations and events. It has shown how these types of student data can be used to inform and tailor student engagement programs and events in the future, including the ability for advisors and administrators to customize and promote programs to specific, targeted demographics and adjust initiatives on a more frequent basis for the appropriate audience.

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