Strengthening relationships with community colleges to build a strong, steady pipeline of transfer students to Arizona State University


How might we strengthen our pipeline of transfer students from community colleges by better aligning our curricula and alleviating challenges with transfer credit equivalency?


Two-pronged effort:

  • Deepened relationships and collaboration with community colleges to support a strong, steady pipeline of transfer students to ASU
  • Built more than 120 pathway programs to provide a clear path to an ASU credential from community college courses


ASU has built strong relationships with community colleges, including with Maricopa Community Colleges, the largest contributor of new transfers. Maricopa students now make up ~60% of new campus immersion transfers, while recent transfer growth overall has been concentrated almost entirely in ASU Online, where the two school systems are collaborating on online courseware. These Maricopa transfer students now have access to a version of eAdvisor, allowing them to map pathways to completion of an ASU degree. The Maricopa to ASU Pathways Program also provides guaranteed entry for students meeting requirements, as well as ensuring the same tuition level as when they first enrolled at Maricopa.

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