Appreciation Icebreaker

Appreciation goes a long way. This quick meeting ritual is useful for building a sense of optimism, trust, and connection to student success initiatives on teams.

  • Suggested time: 5-10 mins
  • Materials: None
  • When to use: At the start of any meeting with your transformation team


  • Introduce the icebreaker by explaining that this is a quick way to reflect on your institution’s successes along the transformation journey. Try this as a team before diving in to your meeting.

  • Ask each person to share a specific appreciation or story about someone else at the institution who is working toward student success. For example, “Last week, Melissa opened a food pantry in the financial aid office for students. I appreciate her commitment and initiative to helping our students.” If relevant, also ask individuals to share their name and role. Model the exercise by starting with yourself, then continue clockwise.

  • Thank everyone for sharing, and segue into your meeting agenda.


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