Building a Team

This activity helps you map out the key members of a team. Defining your team helps ensure that individuals with the right expertise are involved to support the diverse needs of a specific initiative or your transformation journey as a whole.

  • Suggested time: 30-45 mins
  • Materials: Pens, worksheets, whiteboard or large sheet of paper
  • When to use: When you need to establish or expand a team


  • Print out the Building a Team worksheets for everyone present along with one extra worksheet, or recreate the categories on a whiteboard or large sheet of paper.

  • Pass out the Building a Team worksheets if you are completing this activity as a group, and give everyone 5 minutes to individually reflect on their thoughts on each section. Let them know the worksheets are for their reference, and that you will be completing the same worksheets together shortly.

  • After everyone has completed their individual reflections, take 20 minutes to come together as a group to discuss and fill out one worksheet together or fill out the same categories drawn on a whiteboard or large sheet of paper. Think of the exercise as a starting point, but feel free to modify as necessary based on your institution’s unique goals, challenges, and student body.

  • Send a copy of your completed Building a Team worksheets to all participants for reference, and begin building your team or inviting new members.


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